Burning Cold

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Budapest: 1956.  Newlywed Cara Walden’s brother Zoltán has disappeared in the middle of the Hungarian revolution, harboring a deadly wartime secret. Will Cara or the Soviets find him first?

Cutting short her honeymoon in Paris to rescue a sibling she’s never met was not Cara’s idea, but her husband Jakub has a reckless streak, and she is too much in love to question his judgment. Together with her older brother Gray, they venture behind the Iron Curtain, seeking clues to Zoltán’s whereabouts among his circle of fellow dissidents, all victims of the recently overthrown Communist regime. One of them betrayed him, and Cara realizes that the investigation has put every person they’ve met at risk. Inadvertently, they’ve also unmasked a Russian spy, who is now on their tail.

The noir film of Graham Greene’s The Third Man inspires Lisa Lieberman’s historical thriller. Burning Cold features a compelling female protagonist who comes to know her own strength in the course of her adventures.


“Lieberman follows up All the Wrong Places, which reimagines the 1950s Red Scare in Hollywood, with this account of spies and the Hungarian uprising. Readers of Alan Furst’s spy novels may appreciate this fast-paced story.” -Library Journal

“Lisa Lieberman, Queen of the Hollywood noir!” -Jeffrey Keeten, Goodreads Top Reviewer

“A book you cannot put down. These are people easy to adore and an exciting story.” — Bonnye Reed, NetGalley

“Set during the Hungarian revolution in 1956 and the immediate Soviet response, this is a beautifully written piece of historical narrative fiction. Budapest and the surrounding country are so perfectly described that I could visualize them and found myself swept away by the pace and plotting.

It’s rare to find an author who is so gifted writing descriptive prose. I really felt completely immersed in the story. I was engaged with the characters and really hoping everything would work out in the end. The juxtaposition of brutal, even casual, violence and art and culture, love and humanity, living side by side were heartbreaking.

It’s a relatively short book and is a quick but very profound read. It’s not very often that I find myself finishing a book and having the desire to go back and re-read it. This one did it for me. I really enjoyed this book so very much.

It’s listed as the second Cara Walden mystery, but works perfectly well as a standalone book. I intend to go buy the first book, and have added the author to my future TBR list as well.

Exceptional book. Five stars.” -Annie L, NetGalley